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Store Incharge Manager

Company Name: Bin Rasheed
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Between:40,000  To: 50,000 PKR /month
Electrical Engineer
25 years to 28 years
4 to 8 years of experience as a Store Incharge Manager

Job Description:

Duties and responsibility: The primary duties of the store keeper is various and varied according to the organization structure. A store keeper is being the head of a store dept. He is entrusted the following duties & responsibility.

Receiving material: The primary duty of the store keeper is to receive the material from the supplier. At the time of receipt of material, he has to see that the materials have been sent by the supplier on the basis of purchase order.

Arranging materials: The materials received by the store keeper must be arranged in a proper manner. Bins should be allotted to each and every item.

Preservation of the material: After the receipt of material they are to be preserved properly. It is the duty of the store-keeper to keep the material in store on safe custody. Unless the quality may deteriorate loss of material may be possible.

Recording: It is the duty of the store keeper to record the receipt and issue of material in the respective bin card regularly. It will indicate the quantity of stock held by the store every time. For recording, the store keeper maintains store ledger and bin cards.

Issue of material: The store keeper issues the material as per the requisition of the production. When store keeper received requisition he issues material from the store.

Issuing purchasing requisition: When the stock reaches at ordering level the store keeper sends purchase requisition to the purchasing department for the fresh purchase of the materials. Accordingly, the purchasing departments purchases materials as per quantity and quality stated there in.

Supervision: The store keeper must be coordinate and supervise the duty of the staff under his control. As he is the head of the store department, he manages the entire department.

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