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Between:20,000  To: 60,000 PKR /month
BBA Honors
Customer Care
18 years to 35 years

Job Description:

We are recruiting Experience/Fresh Academic writers. The work is office based to make model papers. The Individuals having a passion for writing and a potential to be creative can accompany our talented team of writers. It’s an opportunity for those who have a thurst of knowledge and always looking to increase their potential with creativity.

Please apply to this if your profile matches with the following requirements.

Be able to write projects in bulk and can write a minimum of 10 to 12 pages of 250 words each on the regular basis

Be able to write by using all research types including both online and offline research mediums.

Be able to write various referencing styles and formats (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.).

Be able to do and proficient in Editing and Proof reading of contents.

Be able to provide quality content without plagiarism.

Necessary requirements:

We prefer office based individuals. If you want to apply as a freelancer, no excuses for bad internet connection, late work, electricity etc. Must have the capacity to meet tight deadlines and submitting quality work.

Preference will be provided to candidates having experience in courses such as: Business Management, Information Technology, Nursing, Accounts and Finance, Engineering, and Statistics. We will also provide necessary guidance to interested & fresh candidates.

Unlimited jobs and assignments are available. You just have to show the abilities to do a task with absolute perfection. Successful candidates will be awarded with high freelancing rates.

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