Job Analysis, Job Description & Job Profile 

• Job Analysis  

• Information obtained from Job Analysis  

• Methods to perform Job Analysis  

• Job Description  

• Components of Job Description  

• Steps to writing a Job Description  

• Usage of Job Description  

• The Person's Profile  

• Advantages of Person Profile  

• Guidelines for Making Person Profiles  

• Practices of JA, JD, and Person Profile in the Corporate Sector of Pakistan


Recruitment, Selection & Orientation 

• Recruitment ( A process of mutual Attraction)  

• Recruitment Methods  

• External Recruitment  

• Internal Recruitment  

• Integrated Marketing Communication in Recruitment  

• Selection ( A process of mutual selection)  

• Selection Devices (Psychometric Testing, Interviews, Simulations, etc.)  

• Orientation ( A process of Mutual adjustment)  

• Areas to be Covered in Orientation  

• Role of Orientation  

• Major steps of New Employee Orientation  

• Successful Orientation Program  

• Evaluate the Success of the New Employee Orientation 

• Mistakes to avoid at the time of Orientation  

• Operational Process of Recruitment, Selection, and Orientation  

• Documents to be used in Recruitment and Selection  

• Linkage of recruitment, selection, and Orientation with Strategy  

• Recruitment, Selection & Orientation practices in the corporate sector of Pakistan

• Locate quality personnel at all levels.

• Covers job posting, CV screening, talent assessment, interviewing, background checks, job analysis, and CV bank service to meet clients' needs for general staff.

• Multiple Recruitment Channels – online recruiting, CV bank, and Job fairs

• More than eight years of experience in finding the right personnel with the support of a growing talent database



iii. Head Hunting: 

Headhunting is the most effective method of proactively recruiting top-performing human resources that can increase sales volumes, add brand value, and increase bottom-line profit by 31%. Most top-performing people need to be more focused and more motivated to seek a job move actively. As a result, they do not read vacancy pages, visit job boards, approach companies, or visit third-party recruiters. Many of these people will consider a job move if approached by a professional search firm and presented with an attractive employee value proposition. Talent Hunters (Pvt.) Ltd. Has developed a learning curve in headhunting during the past three years and has all the resources that are required to execute the headhunting. We have specialized resources, techniques, and the attention required for the headhunting process normally companies could not spare.


Key Features Includes: 

  • Specialized resources, techniques, and the attention required for the execution of the whole process. More than eight years of experience in successful headhunting
  • Require three weeks' time.
  • Complete secrecy until the final phase of the interview.


iv. Document Verification Services: 

We provide Document Verification Services as a part of our commitment to provide a complete HR Solution and to assist employers in hiring the best resource. During the recruitment process, employers and hiring managers always remain concerned about the authenticity, reliability, and validity of the educational transcripts, certificates, and degrees being shown by the candidate. Along with the educational documents, the proof of the experience letters and especially the verification of the last salary drawn becomes a key factor while making a final decision and offering remuneration packages.

Talent Hunters offers its verification services, previously being provided only to

the Gulf States, now to the local business sector and employers. Our representatives physically locate, contact, and verify all the credentials as per the requirement of the hiring authority in your organization.


Key Features Includes: 

Complete verification of all the documents, including educational transcripts and work experiences. Verification of the last salary drawn from the accounts office and bank of the last employer.

  • Out-of-station verification of both the educational and experience records.
  • Choice of selecting the documents to be verified by the employer.
  • Reliable verification from our Field Verification Officers


Training & Development 

  • What are Training and Development  
  • Important concepts and meanings in Training and Development.  
  • Step-by-step Training Process  
  • Triggering Event  
  • What is Training Need Analysis (TNA)  
  • Training Methods, Design, Content Development, Implementation & Evaluation  
  • Training Bond Agreements  
  • The operational process of Training and Development  
  • Documents to be Used in Training and Development  
  • Linkage of training and development with Strategy 
  • Training and Development practices in the corporate sector of Pakistan


Performance Management 

  • What is Performance Management?  
  • Performance Management Cycle  
  • Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  
  • Difference b/w Performance Appraisal & Performance Management System  
  • The operational process of Performance Management  
  • Documents to be Used in Performance Management  
  • Linkage of Performance Management with Strategy  
  • Performance Management practices in the corporate sector of Pakistan


Compensation and Benefits 

  • Compensation and its Types  
  • Purposes of Compensation  
  • How to establish Pay rates  
  • Developing Grades and Designations  
  • Salary Survey  
  • Job Evaluations  
  • Group Similar Jobs into Pay Grades  
  • Price Each Pay Grade  
  • Fine Tune Pay Rates  
  • Employee Benefits  
  • Legally Required Benefits  
  • Discretionary Benefits  What is Payroll?  
  • What is Payroll Administration and Payroll Sheets Development  
  • Payroll software  
  • Payroll Outsourcing  
  • Linkage of Compensation and Benefits with Strategy 
  • Compensation and Benefits practices in the corporate sector of Pakistan  


Employee Relations 

  • Employee Relations  
  • Role of Employee Relations in Organizations  
  • Employee Grievances  
  • Approaches to handle Employee Grievances  
  • Conflicts Handling  
  • Collective Bargaining  
  • Employee Counseling  
  • Counseling Steps  
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment  
  • Employee Safety & Health  
  • Maintaining Workplace Ethics  
  • Employee Discipline  
  • Characteristics of a Sound Disciplinary System (Red Hot Stove Rule)  
  • Types of Penalties for Misconduct / Indiscipline 
  • Linkage of Employee relations with Strategy 
  • Employee relation practices in the corporate Sector of Pakistan.  


HR Policies, Procedures, and Documents 

  • Policies and HR Policies  
  • Purposes of HR Policies  
  • Who develops HR Policies?  
  • HR Policy, Procedure, and Documents  
  • Format of writing HR Policy  
  • How to write an HR Policy  
  • Review and Approval Process  
  • Human Resource Policy Manual  
  • Components of HR Policy Manual  
  • Distribution of HR Policies  
  • Practices related to HR Policies in the Corporate Sector of Pakistan


Employee Record Administration, HRIS & HRMS 

  • What is Employee Record?  
  • Importance of Employee Records  
  • How to Prepare and Manage Employee Files  
  • Role of HR Professional in Employee Record Administration  
  • What is HRIS and its Role in Managing Employee Data 
  • Demos of HRIS  
  • What is Human Resource Management System (HRMS) 
  • Difference between HRIS & HRMS  
  • Oracle's PeopleSoft HRMS with Demos  
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP HR Module with Demos


HR Outsourcing: 

Managing human resources involves specialized activities such as training, payroll administration, employee database management, employee retention, and employee benefits.

A lot more than many companies either don't have the proper resources or time to manage on their own. By outsourcing their HR functions, companies can save huge amounts of money and be free of complications that are otherwise involved in maintaining an internal HR department. By doing so, companies can concentrate on their core competencies, saving their valuable time and resources. To sum up, Human resources outsourcing benefits are the following,


Key Features Includes: 

  • Overseeing organizational structure and staffing requirements 
  • Recruiting, training, and development 
  • Tracking department objectives, goals, and strategies 
  • Employee and manager training 
  • Benefits 
  • Administration 
  • Employee orientation program 


xii. Newspaper Advertisement: 

Outsourcing the search through Newspapers Ads in which we will put the ads of vacancies available at your company on your behalf, mentioning or not mentioning your name according to your choice.


Key Features Includes: 

  • We will receive the applications on your behalf,
  • Will shortlist the applications,
  • Will conduct initial interviews at our premises according to your specifications
  • Will forward the selected and filtered candidates to you for the final selection.


xiii. Our Premises For Interviews: 

We also provide our premises for the conduction of the interviews with our valued registered companies. We provide all the necessary resources required to execute interviews at our premises which includes both human resources as well as physical conditions and equipment.


Key Features Includes: 

  • Availability of our premises for the interviews being conducted by your company in case candidates face distance problems in reaching your factory or office. 
  • This service can be very beneficial to those companies who do not wish to disclose their identity in front of the candidates during the initial stages of hiring.