Advertise with Us

Advertise with Us


Increase awareness of your opportunities and stand out from the competition with targeted display advertisements.




Talent Hunters is offering space Advertisements on its job portal, which is very popular among job seekers and employers. The MEDIA KIT service provides several valuable services to employers. The first kind of advertising ever done on the net was banner advertising. A banner can highlight a company's product/service. By clicking on it, the user will be taken to that company's website, where the company can create a relevant landing page to provide further information.         


Your advertisement on our site will provide you with the following key benefits:


  • It is up and running 24/7, providing round-the-clock visibility.
  • Hundreds of job seekers nationwide explore our job portal to find various career opportunities.
  • Most job seekers desire to improve their education and skills. So, they would explore your website to get first-hand knowledge.
  • Employers who explore our job portal to post or offer job vacancies will get knowledge about your company's services. 
  • You can post an unlimited number of Jobs within your package duration.
  • On your behalf, your company's logo will also be mentioned in our 'Top Employer Section' & whenever any user clicks on that icon, it will direct them to your company's website plus the posted jobs.
  • It is convenient for your audience as they can access your online advertising material as often as they want.
  • We provide the facility to post jobs on our website & you will also get access to find CVs against your posted jobs.


We will look forward to having a swift and positive response from your side, and we ensure to deliver the best, most personalized, and customized advertisement services to you.