Intelligent HR System Makes Your Time Smart

Whether you have 15 or 15,000 employees, your people do your business run, and managing them effectively is one of the biggest challenges you face every day. From Scheduling to Time & Attendance to Payroll to Human Resources, we'll help you apply comprehensive solutions that will reduce costs, increase efficiency and streamline operations across your enterprise.


Intelligent HR System covers all the organizational needs of the HR Department, Finance Department, and Management Section. The system consists of Employee profile and management, Attendance system, Leave management, Advance and loan handling, Allowances and deductions, payroll handling, and history of transfers, promotions, and increments.


The intelligent HR system is based on user-defined policies and rules instead of fixed architecture. Administrators can define rules and make attendance policies like late coming, leave rules, etc., and the system will work according to these rules.


Key Features Includes: 

  • Flexible Business Logic according to different organizational behavior 
  • Powerful reporting capabilities with export to MS Excel, MS Word, and Emailing features. User security, Backup, and Restore Modules 
  • Automated operations help the HR Manager to monitor and track employees' attendance and salaries. 
  • Automated salary processing allows users to create salary statements and vouchers


Employee Management Module 

  • Employee personal, official, and salary details. Employee education, experience, and reference details. Employee photograph and fingerprint scanning. 
  • Employee advance payment and deduction in upcoming salary. Employee loan definition and installment plan against the salary 


Attendance Management Module 

  • Track time-in and time-out based on shift timings. Leave marking according to to leave type. 
  • Tracking of late coming, early going, and half absent. Daily, weekly, and monthly person-hours calculations. Holiday tracking and easy marking 
  • Attendance system integration with barcode, fingerprint scanner, and camera 


Payroll and Salary Module 

  • Define salary structure, heads, formulae, tax rules, and other settings. Auto-advance and loan installment deduction 
  • Just one click on the salary sheet and salary slip. Post and un-post salaries 
  • Integration with Smart Business Suite's Financial Module 


Leave Management Module 

  • Types of leaves definition. 
  • Leave days' definitions and carry forward details. Leave assignments by employees and departments


Allowance and Deduction Module

  • Define allowance types, i.e., house, rent, and utilities.
  • Define deduction types, i.e., Tax
  • Define Allowance and Deduction